Three Last-Minute Beauty Routines for Your Summer Vacation

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The flights, hotel, and car are all booked, and the itinerary is all planned. Now, all that’s left to do is sit back and wait for the minutes to crawl by until it’s appropriate to start packing. The days leading up to your yearly summer vacation will suddenly feel like a mad dash with very little time to get anything done. We don’t generally recommend waiting until the last minute to start packing (or better yet, making sure your passport hasn’t expired), but here are three beauty routines that you should wait until the very end to check off your list:

#1: Shellac Nails

If you’re a shellac addict like us, then we suggest squeezing in your appointment one or two days before your flight. Shellac nail polish leaves behind a smooth, glossy, and professional look that will last your entire vacation. Wear gloves when doing any last-minute dishes or cleaning before you go to avoid chipping. As a bonus, your nails will become stronger with sun exposure!

#2: Bikini Wax

If you’ve never had a bikini wax before, we recommend growing your hair out for at least 10 days before your waxing appointment—and yes, we highly suggest getting a professional to handle this beauty routine. The last thing you want is to cover up your bottom half with a towel because you’re embarrassed by those unsightly and painful red bumps! A professional waxing technician has the right skills to keep your skin smooth, clear, and hair-free for your entire vacation!

#3: Pedicure

We all want to spread our toes in the sand and make footprints along the beach. But if our toes aren’t summer-ready, we’re more likely to bury them in flats than feel the sensation of the beach beneath our feet. Before you go, indulge yourself in a much-deserved pedicure that not only makes your toes looking gorgeous with a new splash of colour but also your heels looking buffed and beautiful. The longer you wait to make your pedicure appointment, the longer your feet will maintain that gorgeous glow throughout your vacation.

Beauty Routines to Do As Soon As Possible!

#1: Microblading

Microblading has been transforming women’s faces and giving them the confidence that they need to step outside without any makeup on. But the process itself can take up to six weeks from your first application to your second and final application. In that time, your brows will darken, scab, fade, and you’ll have strict aftercare instructions to follow. In other words, your beautiful new brows won’t look the way you want them to until at least six weeks…. well after your vacation is over.

#2: Facial

Facials are a great way to remove unsightly blackheads, tighten pores, and rejuvenate the skin for those enviable Instagram photos. But the extraction part of your facial tends to make you break out because all the buried oil, dirt, and bacteria are being released to the surface. To avoid going through that stage while you’re on vacation, we recommend getting your facial from one to two weeks before your flight.

#3: Botox

Botox and fillers are common procedures that generally have little to no downtime unless there is a severe allergic reaction, which is quite rare. However, many people will only see the full effects of their Botox treatments two weeks after their injections, depending on the site. If getting rid of those crow’s feet is on your long list of things to do before you leave on a jet plane, we recommend making your appointment as soon as possible.

While you’re rushing to exchange your money, write your outgoing work message, and find the perfect beach read, don’t forget to schedule your beauty routines at the right time. Contact The Nail Pro for your mani-pedi and facial!