4 Essential Steps for Getting Your Feet Sandal Ready

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If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve probably let your feet hibernate in peace all winter. After all, why spend money and effort getting your little digits all picture-perfect if they’re just going to hide underneath socks and winter boots? Now that spring is finally in swing (at least in some parts of the country), it’s time to break out those sandals! Here are the four essential steps for giving your feet that sandal-ready finish:

#1: Soak and Scrub

The three most important letters in your foot care regimen this month are T-L-C. Because our feet are constantly wrapped up in shoes all day, we tend to forget that they need a little attention now and then. The next time you have a free hour, soak your feet in an Epsom salt bath with soothing essential oils, like lavender and peppermint. Sit back and relax for a good 15 to 30 mins as the cleansing salts seep into your skin.

When you remove your feet, scrub away the dead skin with a pumice stone. You’ll probably notice excess dead skin on your heels and the balls of your feet. Scrubbing the dead skin away now will take years off the look of your feet and prevent unsightly cracking.

#2: Moisturize

Pat-dry your feet with a towel and moisturize with a thick, soothing lotion. Choose a moisturizer with aloe vera, vitamin E, rosehip oil, or vitamin C. You may have to keep your feet off the floor to avoid slipping or put on a pair of loose socks to allow the moisturizer to sink deep into your skin.

#3: Pedicure  

It’s time to give your toenails the pampering they’ve been waiting for. Visiting a professional nail salon like The Nail Pro offers hundreds of nail colours and special nail art. When you come in for a pedicure, you’re guaranteed an expert service that will leave your toenails looking and feeling fabulous. Now, you’re ready to show off those beautiful feet!

#4: Rest and Repeat

Just like a manicure or hair trim, keeping your feet flawless is all about maintenance. Give yourself regular pedicures and try to switch up your footwear to avoid painful foot problems. Every once in a while, repeat this cycle to give yourself the TLC your feet deserve.

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