5 Tips for Keeping Your Nails Healthy This Winter

purple nails

Cold weather can be harsh. Think dry skin, brittle hair and, of course, nails that chip, crack, break and split. But your life doesn't have to be this way. Whether you're cramming for exams or working overtime, at the very least you should have your nails together, right? Here are some of our absolute favourite tips that will make your nails look fabulous.

#1: Keep Water Away from Your Nails

It's so important to drink water. Remember eight cups a day? When you're dehydrated, your hair and nails can become weak, which is especially worrisome when combating chilly weather. Where you don't want water is on the nails themselves. Think about when you wash dishes or shower: these are situations where you can easily get your nails wet. Maintain healthy nails with a high-quality base coat and top coat.

#2: Make Sure Your Nails Are Clean

Before you even apply that polish, the fingernails themselves should be clean of any oils. You can accomplish this by applying rubbing alcohol to your nails using a cotton pad. The reason you're removing oil from your nails is that it can make it easier for your polish to chip, leaving the nail underneath exposed, which is exactly what you don't want this weather. 

#3: Moisturize Your Hands

While you may have quickly noticed the dryness of your face and hands, make sure that your nails are getting some of that attention, too! Apply a daily moisturizer to your hands that’s rich in butters and vitamins, making sure to get the bed of the nails and the cuticles.

#4: Don't Forget Your Gloves

Not only will these keep your hands feeling warm and cozy, but it provides another layer of protection to retain healthy nails. It's so easy to break or chip a nail while you're on the go!

#5: Get a Manicure Regularly

Scheduling a regular manicure can be considered an act of self-care and is essential to your nail health, especially during a dry, cold winter. Interested in getting a healthy manicure in Ajax? Get in touch with our expert staff today at The Nail Pro. Enjoy massage chairs, a relaxing environment, and friendly staff at our Ajax salon.