7 Habits for Healthy Nails

red lips with red nail polish

Beautiful hands and nails don’t come naturally to everyone. Healthy, clean, and photoshoot-worthy nails require regular maintenance and care. Whether your job entails heavy labour, or typing away on a computer, there are a few simple steps you can follow to ensure your nails stay in tip-top shape. From the experts at The Nail Pro, here are a few habits you should adopt to help keep your nails healthy:

Keep Them Clean 

The most beautiful nails are clean and dirt-free. To avoid chipped, scratched, or deteriorating nails, it’s important to wash them regularly. For the best clean, try applying soap to an old toothbrush, and scrubbing it in gently. This process washes away dirt and removes any dead or excess skin, leaving the skin surround your nails fresh, clean, and rejuvenated.

Be Gentle

Although nails are designed to be tough, and protect your fingers, they are a delicate part of the body, and must be treated with care. Avoid using harsh metal objects to clean under the nail, and be sure to scrub gently when cleaning, as excessive scrubbing can lead to infection.

Trim Regularly

Like the hair on your head, nails should be trimmed regularly in order to stay healthy and grow in strong. Set a reminder on your calendar to trim your nails at least once every two weeks.

Keep a Nail File on Hand

Nicks, scrapes, tears, and chipping happen regularly, even to the strongest of nails. Whether you’re at the gym, driving the car, or typing away at work, it always helps to have a nail file handy. That way you can smooth over rough edges on the spot, making your nails look like new again.

Leave the Cuticles Alone

Cuticles serve an important purpose: they protect the nail from bacteria and shield against infection. The less you touch your cuticles, the more beautiful your nails will look. Leave cuticle work to the professionals!

Disinfect Tools

Nothing breeds infection faster than unwashed nail tools. To keep bacteria at bay, ensure you wash your tools after each use, and replace any disposable items (like nail files) often. They’re inexpensive to replace, and available at most salons and beauty boutiques.

Moisturize Often

You moisturized your face before going to bed, so why not moistures your nails? Ask your local nail salon for their best-selling products, or create your own solution using ingredients like coconut and almond oils.

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