Best Prom Nail Ideas

prom nails 2019


Prom is just around the corner, which means that it’s time to decide the most important question of all: what are you going to wear? The dress is usually the first thing every prom girl checks off her list, but just as it’s important to match your shoes, it’s also essential to match your nails! Complete your head-to-toe prom look with these amazing nail ideas for your big moment:                                    


Celebrate with Confetti!


Graduating from high school is a major life accomplishment, and symbolic of a new chapter in one’s life. In other words, it’s time to celebrate! What better way to commemorate this occasion than with cute confetti accents that glimmer in the light? There are endless colour options and combinations to choose from, which means that this manicure is destined to work with every colour and style.


Want to get the look? Start with a base coat in your favourite shade and add glitter of different sizes, including sparkles and laser-cut shapes.


Say it with Glitter


Not as, shall we say, chunky as confetti, glitter is subtle enough to not clash with your jewelry but still sparkly enough to catch the light and turn you into total eye candy. Check out some of our favourite glitter nail colours:



Nude by Not Naughty


For anyone who thinks nude is boring clearly doesn’t understand how elegant a clean, shiny, nude nail can look. From pinky nudes to sultry taupe, you can add eye-catching nail art or keep it simple to let your beautiful cocktail ring shine. For nudey inspiration, check out these sophisticated shades:



Match Your Corsage


You only ever get to have one senior prom—live a little! If you’re looking for nail colour inspiration, go no further than your own corsage. The options are endless—colour match your base coat, add complementing glitter accents, or (even better), get professional nail art with floral designs.


Prom is almost here! Book your nail design or manicure appointment with Ajax’s best nail spa. Call us today to book an appointment or ask us about style advice.