How to Make Short Nails Look Gorgeous

short nails look amazing

Sure, long nails have more of an association with style and all things chic, but let’s not be too quick to dismiss short nails. After all, there are some obvious benefits to a shorter length: they’re less messy, handier and hardier, and easier to take care of. You don’t have to worry about broken or chipped nails quite as much, and you can easily wash the dishes and do household chores.

So how can we marry the convenience of short nails with the fashion forwardness of long ones? Let’s have a look at some ways you can make your nails look beautiful even when they’re short.

First of all, take care of your hands

Regardless of the design and shape of your nails, they’ll look their best when they’re healthy. Having smooth skin and moisturized, healthy nails are an integral part of achieving an exceptional look. Use hand creams and oils regularly to moisturize your hands so they’re as tender as possible. Then use a quality tool kit to shape and smoothen the surface of your nails. If you go for a manicure, your nail stylist will be able to take care of this part for you.

Remember: oils will care for the cuticles, buffs will get rid of ridges, and a clear polish will ensure you look amazingly good every day.

What nail shape is best for short nails?

The shape of your nails will also add to the length it appears to show off. So an oval or almond shape is much preferable to a square, no matter how lovely it may be.

What colors are best suited to short nails?

You want colors that make short nails appear longer. There are quite a few colors and styles that can achieve this purpose, but remember to put on a nail polish base first so your nail gets that sleek and polished look.

When in doubt, go red. It’s a glamorous color no matter what the shape or length of your nails.

Nude and pastel colors are a great choice for short nails, as they actively make them look longer. Because they visually appear like they’re continuing your finger line, they make your fingers look thinner and slimmer. For best results, use a color that’s a shade lighter than your skin tone. You’re going to be blown away by how sensationally gorgeous your nails will look.

On the other side of the color spectrum, you could go dark. Because dark colors like rouge, indigo and even black focus attention to your nail shape, they make your nails look longer. You could also have your manicurist use a simple tip: leave a couple millimeters of space from each side of the nails unpolished so your nails appear slimmer as the sides blend with the fingers.

Steer clear of chalky white polish, however. It immediately breaks the line between your finger and your nail, and results in the nail looking short and the finger stumpy.

What about texture?

Avoid glitter. Glitter polishes will make your nails appear shorter as they break up the line with your finger. Go for matte instead.

What designs go best with short nails?

Short nails and patterns are a match made in heaven. Try little dots starting from the edge and traveling all the way to the center. This should have the visual effect of making your nails look longer. Experiment with abstract patterns, hearts and tiny flowers. Short nails can look pretty cute, so give them a helping hand there with adorable or funky designs. Colorful candy prints, shiny stones and little stars will all help your nails look cute as heck.

Stripes are a winning choice of pattern when it comes to short nails. Vertical stripes, after all, will help create the illusion of elongation. A single stripe on each nail can do wonders. You can also try out diagonal stripes, with dark green, gold glitter or rouge. Or try out gradients, with each fingernail painted a slightly lighter shade than the last one, going from dark to light all the way across.

Get a French manicure

A French manicure is just what you need to give those short nails an exquisite look, even as it pulls double duty to artificially lengthen the nail with a simple a white line on top. You could also leave it clear, with a shiny lacquer added to make it look pretty and clean with added length.

If you’re going for a French manicure trick to elongate your nails, make sure your stylist keeps the white stripe a natural length. If it’s too long or too short, it’s going to make your nails appear even shorter.

If you want to play it up a bit, go for a reverse French manicure. This gives you a young and cool look, especially with bright colors, while also making your short nails look longer.

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