Three Benefits of Hair Waxing That Are Worth the Pain

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Waxing might seem like a scary prospect. Horror stories about how painful it is might have put you off the idea. However, compared to shaving, waxing is a healthier, more efficient hair removal method.

#1: Less Stubble and Irritation

When you shave, your razor cuts the hair follicle on the surface of your skin at an angle. This means you might be left with stubborn, prickly hair follicles that you can't seem to quite remove. Hair waxing, on the other hand, pulls the entire follicle out. Not only will there be no hair follicle left to stick up and out of your skin, but you also won't get that familiar, itchy feeling you get during regrowth for quite a while after.

#2: Smooth, Happy Skin

With shaving, there is the inevitability you will cut yourself. Small cuts might not be the end of the world, but they're still annoying and painful. This, coupled with the irritation you might get from gliding a razor over your leg repeatedly, is extremely bothersome.

Fortunately, with waxing, there is no chance of you cutting yourself. You won't even be rubbing an object over your skin, so there is minimal risk of irritation or burn caused by friction. Plus, hair waxing has the added benefit of stripping the uppermost layer of dead cells off your skin. Waxing, paired with exfoliation and moisturization, will leave you with skin so smooth and soft, you won't be able to take your hands off of it!

#3: Slowed Hair Regrowth

Shaving can leave you with stubbly, fast hair regrowth after a few days. Maybe if you're particularly unlucky, your hair will begin growing back after a mere few hours. Yikes! All that hard work, for seemingly nothing!

But waxing could easily change that. After a few sessions, many people report slowed hair regrowth. This is because the constant tugging and pulling from waxing causes damage to your hair follicles, leaving you with finer, sparser hairs. Soon, you might only need your eyebrows or bikini waxed once a month.

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