What Type of Polish Should You Choose: Shellac or Gel?

blue opi gel polish

Whether you have that special occasion coming up or just want to add a little pep to your day, you want to look your best. Nails may be small, but with a little embellishing, they complete any ensemble by giving you an air of sophistication and building your confidence.

But with so many choices of polish, which one is right for you? Here are some options the Nail Pro specialists have prepared for you:

Shellac polish is a popular choice because it creates durable, long-lasting, and high-shining nails. Since it’s a combination of gel and nail polish, shellac is a thinner polish than gel. The shellac polish is primarily applied to your nail as a thin base coat and cured by a UV light for ten seconds. A thin main coat is applied twice and your nails are cured for two minutes after each application. The final top coat is thinly applied to seal the nail so it won’t chip, and your nails will go back under the UV light for a two-minute curing. The technician will wipe your nails to remove the top film and to enhance the shellac’s lustre.

Ultraviolet curing is used because it’s the fastest drying and hardening technique for coatings.

By adding shellac, your nails will last at least two weeks and still look natural with superior shine and volume. There’s no pain involved when you want to remove and replace the shellac polish, and the removal process is faster than gel!

Gel polish is rising in popularity because it’s similar to the shellac process, only quicker. Once your nails have been prepped, three thin coats of coloured gel polish are applied: the base, main, and top. The technician will immediately place your hands under a UV light so the gel doesn’t have to time to move. This is done for 30 seconds at a time to cure the nails after each coat’s application. Because the technician will cap the edges of your nails, they won’t chip and will last longer than with shellac polish, even if you do a lot of hands-on work; however, keep in mind that when the time comes, you need a professional to remove the gel.

To match their professional customer service, Nail Pro uses only top-quality polishes from brand names such as OPI and Gelish.

We offer other services to our Oshawa and Ajax clients, including:

  • nail repair
  • nail removal
  • polish change
  • nail art design

When making your appointment, remember to inform the salon if you are suffering from any skin or nail infections, as some spas and salons won’t treat clients with these ailments.

The Nail Pro specialists follow Durham Health Board regulations and practice strict sanitation procedures for your health.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to view our services or contact us to speak with one of our technicians.