Why You Should NOT Try At-Home Waxing


What if we told you that waxing doesn’t have to be a horrible experience? Sounds impossible, right? Well if you think there’s no way to avoid the dreadful sensation of waxing, you’re probably doing it at home, and you’re probably doing it wrong.

Waxing at home offers convenience and flexibility, but the disadvantages might outweigh the benefits. Here’s why you should avoid using at-home waxing kits:

You Missed a Spot

Reaching those stubborn areas around the ankles and your knees isn’t too bad, but what if you want to wax those—ahem—hard-to-reach areas? Unless you’re a contortionist, you might have a hard time even getting to those places, let alone finding the right leverage to yank off a wax strip. A professional waxing technician can easily access those areas and ensure that no spots were missed.

One Size Does Not Fit All

There are dozens of different varieties of face moisturizers, and yet only a few options for at-home wax kits: premade strips, sugar wax, manufactured wax, wax with Aloe vera…and that’s about it. Wax kits that you buy at the pharmacy aren’t formulated to care for every skin type or sensitivity, which is one of the reasons that many at-home waxers suffer from painful and embarrassing red bumps.

Waxing salons and spas use premium waxing products that are designed to be gentle on the skin. Combined with the knowledgeable hands of a professional waxing technician who knows how to apply the product to your skin, you’re much less likely to experience an allergic reaction at a spa.

At-Home Waxing? More like At-Home Torture

Yes—when you first start waxing your legs, bikini area, or face, it can produce a burning pain. But as your follicles weaken, the pain should eventually abate, leaving nothing but a quick sting. Many people don’t find it painful at all.

But there are a few reasons that at-home waxing will always be painful:

  • You don’t have the right stripping technique (which can lead to bruising, red bumps, and even bleeding)
  • Your DIY wax products are old, of low quality, or you haven’t heated your wax to the right temperature.

A professional waxing technician has gone through vigorous training to understand how to effectively remove hair without causing damage to your skin. You’ll walk away with silky-smooth skin without any of the side effects.

The next time you feel the tell-tale fuzz, ditch the at-home strips and call a professional. Book your waxing at The Nail Pro. Call us today!