8 Nail Colors that are Suitable for any Occasion

soft pink gel nails


Wear bright nail colors in spring! Have on subtle shades for formal events! There’s no shortage of advice on the internet when it comes to matching nail colors to the occasion. Heck, we’ve given advice like that ourselves! But there come a few times when you just want to get down to the basics, or you don’t want to spend a lot of time figuring out what particular shade to wear. For those times, all you really want are a few classic colors that would be perfect for just about any occasion. Read on to find out what fuss-free colors you can wear to any event you want!




Bordeaux’s rich tones are perfectly balanced by its vibrancy, making the deep color one that’s not only suited to just about any hand type, but also any occasion. This is a color you can wear to informal parties (where the red peeking through should look gorgeous with your outfit), or to more subdued occasions. It’ll even look appropriate at a funeral. If you’re getting a manicure in Bordeaux, go for a moon manicure.


Neutral Shades


Neutral shades pair well with all skin tones. They make you look elegant at parties and sophisticated in the boardroom. Look around for your preferred ideal neutral shade, or talk to your nail therapist to figure out which neutral shade is perfect for you.


Pastel Pink


Soft pinks will never go out of style. They’re an ever classic shade, because they feel trendy and modern no matter what the year is. Plus, it’s a flattering shade to wear no matter what your nail size or shape. Plus, once you’re bored of a plain pastel, you can stick on funky beads for a fun look at parties.


Dove Grey


The next time you’re out shopping for nail colors, look at the shades your eye is normally conditioned to skip. It’s all too natural to overlook the soft grey shades on the counter, but you do so at your own detriment. As dull as a grey might look on a counter, the shade feels immeasurably fresh and cozy once on your fingernails, and in fact, could get you stopped on the streets! Plus, it’s perfect no matter what the occasion! If you want to make the color look even more modern and iconic, paint a lighter shade of grey horizontally halfway down the fingernail.




Black nail polish is an instant attention grabber. Gone are the days when this was only the preferred nail color of the goth kids. A shiny black manicure is a strong and appealing nail look, combining rock and roll vibes with some classic sophistication. It’s instant glam, no matter how long your nails are or what your skin tone is. While the look might be a little edgy, it’s still perfectly safe for use in the office!




Shiny metallic silver might once only have been a party color, but in recent years, you can see it just about anywhere! People wear it to work, as well as to weddings and parties, now that nail sheen isn’t just relegated to informal settings. You can wear it along the entire length of your fingernail, or you can opt for a twist on the classic French manicure, with a swipe of metal on the top of your nails.


Sky Blue


You may not think that this color belongs on a list like this, but sky blue has been working its way into our hearts for some time now! This isn’t just a shade for the kids – it’s a beautiful and sophisticated color that will uplift your heart in addition to beautifying your nails. Whether you’re enjoying a cocktail at the office party or at your best friend’s wedding, this nail color should serve to remind you of a warm day by the pool. It works great with any skin tone.




Another color that may feel out of place to you at first glance, there’s much more to evergreen that you might have previously thought. The color feels fresh and clean, and is extremely quick to catch the eye. Find the perfect shade of green for yourself – see what tone and depth best suits your skin tone.


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