How to Keep Your Nails Healthy and Strong

black and white gel nails look healthy and strong

If you want your nails to grow out long and beautiful, you’ll need to keep them healthy and strong. Taking good care of your nails allows you to grow them to whatever length you might desire without them getting chipped or broken. Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can maintain your nails and keep them looking healthy and vibrant.

Get rid of bad habits

If you’ve got a bad nail biting habit, you need to put an end to it. Not only does it leave your nails looking ugly and ragged, but it’s also a health risk to you as you risk transferring bacteria to your mouth. And don’t bite the skin around your nails either. This habit causes your nails to weaken as the saliva seeps through to it and makes is more susceptible to breakage.

Additionally, quit picking at your nail polish, or scraping it away from your nail, since this can remove your nail bed’s top layer and create a weak base for your nails. Nails that grow out in this way are weaker, and break more easily. And avoid using your nails as tools at all costs. Yes, it can be tempting to unfasten a key ring or peel labels using your nails, but this easily leads to nail damage. Carry the appropriate tools instead.

Get your vitamins

Food with folic acid are your nails’ best friends. These avoid your nerve cells from getting damaged, as well as your red blood cells healthy. Red meat, fish and cheese all contain this vitamin, which is excellent for healthy nail growth. You should also get plenty of vitamin A, which is found in carrots, sweet potatoes, leafy greens and squash, as well as vitamin C, which gives nails strength and is found in citric fruits. Finally, make sure you have plenty of biotin, since this promotes the strength and growth of keratin in your nails. You’ll find this handy nutrient in avocado, salmon, mushrooms and bananas.

Get a decent manicure

Manicures can promote growth, as long as you choose the right nail shape. Talk to your stylist when getting a manicure done in. Generally speaking, it’s easy to grow out a basic round shape. This shape will also tend to discourage you using your nails as a tool.

Maintain nail health

Keep your cuticles healthy. Four times a week, soak your cuticles in warm water. This will serve to loosen them. Then use cuticle remover on them, and a cuticle stick to push any dead skin back. After pushing them back, apply hyaluronic acid on and around your cuticles.

An important part of nail care is keeping your nails moisturized, since this will prevent broken nails and hangnails. And finally, use strengthening treatments like serums, creams and polishes. Serums can be expensive, but their results make them worth it. Creams, on the other hand, are great for day to day use. Strengthening polish is affordable and keeps your nails from chipping.

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