How to Train Yourself to Stop Biting Your Nails for Good

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A new semester of school is finally here, which means that you might be facing some stressful times ahead. Whether you’re a chronic biter or a part-time nibbler, there’s no good reason to reach for your cuticles in times of stress. Nail-biting is a common show of anxiety. Some people develop dry skin, others reach for the sugary snacks, and some people, like you, are constantly chewing their nails and the skin around their nailbeds. Not only is this habit unsavoury to watch, it also encourages the spread of germs and it can make your fingers bleed. It can even chip or crack a tooth. If you want to put an end to your nail-biting, here are a few things you can do to stop yourself for good.

Explore Your Reason for Nail-biting

There is likely an underlying cause for your pastime chewing. No one really enjoys biting their nails, however, people can draw a sense of comfort from it in emotionally charged situations. Take the time to discover your triggers. When do you start biting your nails the most? What are you doing? Are you alone or with other people? Are you in the middle of a difficult work or school assignment or are you sitting on your couch and bored? Finding out the reason for your nail-biting may be the first step in stopping it.

Keep Your Nails Short

…By cutting them, not biting them! The less nail you have to chew on, the less satisfying it’ll be when your teeth get a hold of something. Shorter nails are less distracting and are generally more hygienic since there is less space for dirt and germs to accumulate.

Coat Your Nails with Special Polish

Who wants to put their mouth on something that tastes disgusting? If you’re a regular nail-biter, you may already be acquainted with bitter nail polish that wards off nail-biting by coating the nails with a highly bitter (and very disgusting) taste. Sometimes bitter nail polish is enough to dissuade someone from ever putting their mouth near their hands again.

Wear Gloves

Watching an intense sports game or reading a thriller may pump your body full of adrenaline, which could cause you to reach for your fingernails a lot more than usual. During periods of extreme excitement, give your hands a break by slipping on a pair of gloves.

Get a Manicure

You’re less likely to ruin a beautiful and costly set of nails if you had to pay for them. Professional manicures provide long-lasting strength and esthetic appeal and give your fingernails underneath a chance to grow out. Shellac nails are tough and can last for weeks at a time. Plus, there are hundreds of colour selections, which gives you plenty of freedom to personalize. Manicures let you have fun with your nails.

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