What Manicure Suits Your Fingers?

navy blue gel manicure with square shape

With a wealth of cool manicure styles to choose from, you might justifiably wonder just which one would be the most flattering for your particular hand type. All hands are not created equal, so it’s no surprise that different manicures suit different fingernails. Nail shape, particularly, creates a world of difference when it comes to complementing your hands. Your ideal nail shape would take into account the shape of your finger, as well as your nail length and nail bed width. Let’s have a look at what particular shapes would suit your fingernails the best.

Round shaped nails

You might like to opt for round shaped nails if you prefer short nails. These allow you to keep your nails short while creating the appearance of longer fingers. So if you want to give your fingers an elongating boost, you could use this style, which is characterized by a short length and a natural looking curved edge. It also makes wide nail bed look longer and thinner, which further serves to make the fingers look longer.

People who prefer short nails often do so because they don’t get in the way of work, and because they’re easier to maintain. In this regard, round shaped nails are perfect, thanks to their being low maintenance. Plus, this shape is great for just about any polish color, thanks to its soft and round look.

Square shaped nails

Another style that is great for shorter nails is the square shape. This style features straight edges topped off with a squared tip. Depending on the nail color, this style can look stylish and neat, or elegant but edgy. While this is not the best look for longer nails, they can flatter thin hands and slim fingers as well as narrow and long nail beds. However, keep in mind that the square shape could make your hands look somewhat wider. One advantage of square nails over other styles is that they’re less likely to break, meaning they’re perfect for those of you who prefer their nails to be low maintenance. Pair square nails with bold and bright or high-luster polish for an arresting look.

Almond shaped nails

Of course, if you prefer longer nails, there is no dearth of shapes and designs for you to choose from. One style that works incredibly well on longer lengths is the almond shape. While this should be kept far away from shorter nails, it suits longer nail lengths as well as long and thing nail beds. With a long nail that tapers in after the nail bed to a softly-rounded or pointed tip, the almond style’s elongating abilities make it ideal for those of you with small hands. Oh, and they’re great at making wide fingers appear more slender. Pair this shape with nude and neutral polishes for an elegant look, or go glam with girly designs.

Ballerina Shaped Nails

If you’re a professed lover of long nail lengths, you might want to try out the ballerina shape. The silhouette of this style resembles a ballet slipper (hence the name), and is also called the coffin style. Characterized by a long and narrow shape, this style features a dramatic tapering as it ends, and finished with a square tip. Be warned, however - this style is prone to breaking, and so should only be used if your nails are sturdy in addition to being long, or with acrylic and gel nails. Weak and short nails are a major no-no when it comes to the ballerina. Plus, you have to be prepared to invest in the upkeep. However, the final appearance is worth it all, especially when coupled with matte polishes or neutral shades.

Oval Shaped Nails

Now here’s a style that will favor your hands whether you have short nail beds or wide ones. While you’ll need a little length to rock this look, there’s no necessity for super long nails. Oval shaped nails can be medium to long, and are similar to the almond shape, but look more delicate thanks to the semi-circle ending. The style therefore looks extremely feminine, and serves to help short fingers look longer and wide fingers thinner. This shape is perfect for nail art or pastel shades.

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