The Benefits of Hard Gel Enhancements

gel nail enhancements

You’ve probably already heard of hard gel enhancements, even if you’re not quite sure what exactly they are. Well, they refer to a nail enhancement that differs from acrylic nails in that they cure in a UV light instead of through evaporating solvents. However, they’re not the same as soft gel or gel polish. Hard gel allows you to extend the length of your nails, and they can be shaped and sculpted in the same manner as acrylic. You can even apply gel polish over hard gel.

So why use hard gel instead of acrylics? Well, this innovative nail enhancement technique offers benefits that are unique to it. Let’s have a look at these.

It’s hypoallergenic

Hard gel is hypoallergenic, meaning it is less likely than acrylic to trigger allergies than acrylic. There’s a scientific reason for this: hard gel uses oligomers instead of polymers. Oligomers refer to resins that have reacted with other resins to form a larger resin close to being fully polymerized. The large size of the resin molecules makes it difficult for them to get into the bloodstream, which makes them much safer to use.

It’s stronger than acrylic and more flexible too

Hard gel is actually not as hard as acrylic. However, it is more flexible and stronger than acrylic. If you’ve become accustomed to acrylic nails, you may judge hard gel to be weaker based on how it feels, but that’s not true. Hard gel is a lot better at being able to withstand relatively high pressure, meaning it is less likely to break or crack than acrylic. Because of its flexibility, it is also more resistant to lifting. If any lifting does occur, the hard gel will remain close to your natural nail, making it less troublesome as the chance of it catching is smaller.

Of course, if it’s flexed beyond its stretching point, hard gel will crack too. But even if it does break, its higher flexibility leads to less trauma on the nail. This results in less damage to the nail.

There’s better adhesion

The flexibility of the hard gel also leads to its feeling a lot more natural on the nail, since it is able to move along with the natural nail. The viscosity of hard gels can make the proper bond even more free of errors, since the gel will be able to naturally seep into all of the macro-crevices of the natural nail. This means the gel will stick to the nail better and be less likely to lift.

What’s more, the bonder itself not only has great adhesion, but it is also acid-free, meaning it’s gentler on your nail. It also hides lift lines and fills lines.

It looks amazing

Hard gel enhancements are super shiny, and unlike acrylic, which tends to yellow with time, the top coat never discolors. Additionally, most gels are self-leveling which creates a natural, smooth finish. It can also be worn with nail polish, and has long lasting staying power. It is also possible to easily create whatever nail shape you might like, whether it’s oval, square, stiletto, round or coffin.

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