Color Guide for Making Sure Your Toenails Complement Shoes on a Night Out

complement the shoes

Whether you opt for a classic shoe in navy, black or nude or a bold color like pink or yellow, your toenails should complement the shoe color.

Depending on whether it’s a night out with the girls or a wedding, we have rounded up our top tips when it comes to matching toe and shoe color. You'll also need to decide between gel or shellac too. 

Avoid a fashion faux pas by reading below to find out which toenail color you should rock with your next outfit and complement the shoes of your choice.

Shoe Color: Green

If you are opting for green shoes, then consider a bright red polish. Your toes will complement the green material of the shoes. This is also a great Christmas look.

If it’s too early in the year to be rocking red and green, then a warm nude color would also complement green.

Shoe Color: White 

White heels are a statement enough without adding a bright toenail. Although any color would look okay with a white shoe, the best color is a simple nude.

A clean French manicure will complement a white shoe too.

Shoe Color: Silver

Metallic shoes complement many outfits and can dress up a casual top and jeans combo. What better way to complement silver shoes than with a light grey nail?

Shoe Color: Navy

Navy is one of those staple shoe colors that go with so many outfits. A steel color works great to contrast a navy shoe.

Shoe Color: Nude

Like white, nude is one of those colors that looks okay with any other color. But to really make nude shoes stand out, a pastel pink will work perfectly.

Shoe Color: Black

Black is another great shoe color to have as it’s so versatile. Nothing looks better than a bright red nail polish with black shoes.

Shoe Color: Red

A red shoe is a statement all on its own. It can be difficult to pair a nail color that won’t clash with red. A soft warm nude color is your best option here. Pick a nude that blends with your skin tone.

Complement the Shoes with Healthy Nails 

It’s not just about matching nail color to shoe color. Your nail health is just as important when you want your feet to look their best on a night out.

Ensure you go to your nail salon for a regular pedicure to keep your toenails in tip-top condition all year around. Unhealthy nails, no matter what color they are painted, will not look nice in any shoes.

So, avoid a toe disaster and maintain your toenails with regular pedicures.

Match Your Toes and Shoes Today!

No matter what event you’re attending, make sure your nails complement the shoes you're wearing.

When you visit the nail salon, ask your nail technician for advice, or better still, bring the shoes with you. We will be able to match a nail color to go with your shoe.

For more information on nail colors, contact us.