What You're Doing Wrong When it Comes to Nail Care

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Nail care is a delicate business. It doesn’t take much to properly take care of your nails, but there’s still a lot that can go wrong. Chipped nails, badly applied nail polish, poor nail shape: all of these problems are avoidable as long as you figure out how to do nail care the right way. Let’s have a look at some of the common nail care mistakes people make so you know what to avoid.

Applying nail polish before you wash your hands

There’s a reason your manicurist will rub nail polish remover on your nails before starting to paint them, even if there wasn’t any polish on them. This procedure removes any natural oils on your nails that could prevent the polish from sticking properly. Bypassing this initial stage could mean your nails get quickly smudged as they don’t adhere or dry properly. If you’re putting nail polish on yourself, wipe your nails with nail polish remover before you start painting them.

Failing to Buff Your Nails

This is another failing that could cause a buildup of natural oils on your nails. By buffing your nails, you brighten them up and get rid of any ridges.

Failing to exfoliate your cuticles

Quick question: do you know the difference between cuticle oils and cuticle removers? You should. The former moisturize your nails, while the latter basically exfoliates your nail beds, removing dead skin just like regular scrubs do for your face. Massage the cuticle remover into your cuticles and use an orange wood stick to gently push them back. This should get the cuticle off your nail plate and also safely get rid of any dead skin cells.

Not sealing off the edges of your nails

The tip of your nail is where you’ll most probably experience any chips or nicks. That’s why this area needs some tender loving care. After you’re done with the last coat, take the topcoat and swipe it horizontally over the bottom edge of the nail. Let dry and repeat once.

Omitting a base coat

At this point, a base coat has passed into common knowledge: everyone knows you’re supposed to have one. But skipping a base coat is still one of the top mistakes people make! Without a high-quality and nourishing base coat, the chances of you having healthy and long nails are dramatically lowered. Base coats strengthen nails and fill ridges, in addition to protecting them from stains. Plus, they lead to smoother polish application so your manicure won’t be as likely to get chipped.

Slathering on the polish

If you put on too much nail polish, it’s going to take an eternity to dry, and you’ll have a bumpy finish to boot. Don’t overload the applicator and then do a ton of strokes. Instead, load enough on the brush that you can cover the entire nail in one coat.

Failing to moisturize your nails, especially between polish applications

Make it a point to treat your nails and hands as a regular part of your daily beauty routine. Keep your nails and cuticles moisturized and hydrate in order to maintain your manicure. This is especially important when you have to use your hands a lot. Apply cuticle oil to moisturize yournails and cuticles every other day. This will also prevent any chips.

Putting coats on too fast

Your polish dries when the solvents in them evaporate away. It takes these solvents around a minute or two to dry, so if you apply a topcoat or another layer of color without waiting for at least this amount of time, your polish isn’t going to dry properly. If you give your nail polish some time to dry between coats, it’s going to keep the color locked in better.

Not cleaning up your cuticles

If you’ve done your nails at home, there’s a good chance we’ll see bits of polish on the edges and sides of your cuticles. Once you’re done with the topcoat, dip a cotton swab, or better yet, a thin cleanup brush into nail polish remover to lightly remove any excess polish around the outer edge of the nail. This is going to make a huge difference in how your polish pops.

Peeling off gel polish

Gel polish is bonded to your nails, and so picking at gel polish literally strips off the top layers of your nails. Always make an appointment at your salon to get gel polish removed. If you can’t make it to the salon, use a nail file to file the topcoat off but avoid filing all the way down to the nail. Saturate a cotton ball in pure acetone and place it over your nail before wrapping tinfoil around it. Do this for all your nails and let them soak for around a quarter of an hour. Then push off the polish with an orange wood stick. Push from above the cuticle to the tip, which is the direction of nail growth.

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