4 Nail Trends to Leave Behind in 2017

nail trends in 2017

You know what the great thing about nails is? As long as you take a little care of them and go for a manicure every now and then, they’re bound to look fantastic. And of course, there are so many ways to glam them up in unusual and beautiful ways. Unfortunately though, there are quite a few nail trends that simply take it too far, or just don’t look that good. Let’s have a look at some of the trends we should absolutely be leaving behind in 2017.

Really long and pointy acrylic nails

While this is a style that has endured through the years, it really is time to put it to bed. Sure, the aesthetic might be right up your alley, but the real problem with this style is just how ridiculously impractical it is. This is the kind of manicure that just makes everyday activities so much harder! Need to type? Need to cook? Need to use the bathroom? No matter what you have to do, these nails simply make the job more difficult. Just steer clear. As gorgeous as nail art can be, it’s also important that it be functional.

Hairy Nails

You read that right. The age of Instagram has called for some truly out-there trends, and this is one of them. It might have started as a joke, but you know how fads are. And sure enough, there are now people pasting fur and hair to the tops of their nails. Why? Who knows?

The obvious problem with this trend, apart from how terrible it looks, is that once again, it’s just not functional. You wash your hands, and the fur gets wet. You try to eat something with your hands, and it gets in the fur. Try and imagine putting your hand in a packet of Cheetos and coming away with orange dust on the hair! It’s just awfully unsanitary!

Stiletto Nails

Here’s another one of those sharp nails trends. Instead of applying long and sharp acrylics to the nails, they’re simply sharpened until they’re miniature knives. And while the start might be somewhat appealing, can you imagine just trying to apply makeup? You’d be in danger of gouging your own eyes out!

Textured Nails

As the name of the trend suggests, textured nails involve incorporating some sort of texture on the fingernails. Now, if there’s a particular texture you’re particularly fond of, this trend might be a little fun. But the thing is that these textures aren’t even really noticeable. There’s not much chance of other people even taking note of the texture, let alone complimenting it, so there’s not much point in doing this for validation.

Additionally, these nails tend to catch on objects you interact with on a day to day basis – clothing, hair, bags, and even your kitty’s fur. It’s just another example of (bad) aesthetics being prioritized over functionality. A good manicure should not interfere with your everyday actions or routine.

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