5 Nail Trends to Die for in 2018

nail trends in 2018

Nail trends tend to follow a somewhat predictable pattern – bright colors in the summer, soft pastels in the spring, and grays and blues during winter. Or that’s what you’d think if you weren’t paying attention. 2018 is already seeing some super-cool and exciting nail trends show up on the runways. What’s great is that a lot of them translate very easily into street ready styles for your nails! Let’s have a look at some of the trends you should definitely be looking up this year.

The Single Strip

The simplest designs are often most eye-catching, as well as the easiest to pull off. The single strip has made its debut on the runway multiple times already this year. This fuss-free style involves all of the nails on your hand being painted a color, and then a vertical or horizontal strip of a different shade being applied to a single nail.

Logos and Monograms

Got a brand you’re particularly attached to? Why not get it monogrammed on your fingernails? We’ve seen the Helmet Lang logo on nails, as well as the Champion logo. While this style is somewhat naturally limited by its exclusivity, we hope to see more brands embrace the ethosand make it easier to wear them on our nails.

Glitter and Shine

Let’s get one thing straight – glitter is here to stay. Multiple fashion shows showcased sparkly nails in one form or the other. What really serves glitter’s cause is just how versatile it is. It can glam up a simple look, or create a truly popping spectacle. One glitter trends making waves is ombré glitter. Similar to ombré hair dying, this involves the nail color being blended from one color hue to another, and glitter then being applied on top to complete the look.

If you’re a shine lover, but want something a little subtler than glitter, go the shimmer route. Shimmer gives your nails a shine that’s frosted and diffused, and less obvious than the sparkle of glitter. It goes particularly well with iridescent colors and chromes. Plus, they’re easier to remove from your nails than glitter is, which is great news for the health of your nails.

Abstract Designs

Transform your nails into an art gallery with abstract designs. What’s great about abstract designs is they let you translate any sort of inspiration into beautiful nail art. You could have abstract flowers or animals, or even abstract objects like ribbons.

Floral Accents

Floral accents have always been popular on nails, but this year, we see them going in a more abstract direction. While we have seen subtle designs show up on high profile celebrities in 2015, the trend for the year is currently favoring loud floral accents. These are frequently paired with embellishments. If you’re the sort of person who makes a statement, you can speak loud and clear with this particular trend.

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