Helpful Tips for Surviving Your Very First Bikini Wax

bikini wax

Summer is almost here, which means that it’s time for some of us to start thinking about preparing for bathing suit season. After enduring several months of wintery cold, it’s normal to let our grooming take a step back. But now that spring is in full swing, a little waxing may be in order. Whether you’re trying a bikini wax for the very first time or you’re returning after a long hiatus, here are some helpful tips for surviving your first wax.

Exfoliate the Area

Generally, you should always exfoliate your skin to slough off dead skin cells to prevent ingrown hairs from forming and to revitalize your skin. However, it is especially important to scrub the areas that are being waxed the day or morning of your appointment to ensure an optimal wax. Exfoliating the area prevents little red bumps from forming that could turn into unsightly ingrown hairs.

Take Pain Medication 45 Minutes Before Your Appointment

Let’s face it: waxing is quick but it’s not painless. In fact, the pain it causes is the main reason more women don’t do it. Don’t feel like you have to be a hero. If you’re really nervous about that exact moment when all you feel is white-hot agony, taking a pain reliever like ibuprofen or acetometaphine before your appointment will certainly help. The more you wax, the less it will hurt, so do whatever you have to to get over that beginning stage.

Make Sure Your Hair is Long but Not Too Long

You may hear people tell you to grow out your hair long enough for the wax to hold it. But some people go overboard. If your hair is too long, the wax strip will pull the skin as it waxes, which can be quite excruciating. It only needs to get about ¼ of an inch long, which could take one to three weeks to achieve. If your hair is the length of your bottom eyelashes, you’re ready to go!

Wear Loose-Fitting Clothes to Your Appointment

Imagine getting a really bad sunburn on your back and only having a skin-tight t-shirt to wear over it? That sounds almost as bad as getting a fresh bikini wax and having to step into skinny jeans. Your bikini area will likely sting after your first appointment, so wearing loose-fitting clothing will prevent unnecessary chafing or contact with the fabric. And speaking about clothes, if you’re shy to show your underwear to one of our specialists, wear your bikini bottoms. This will also show us how much we need to wax.

Waxing may sound scary at the start, but after you get a few sessions under your belt, you’ll start to realize the long list of benefits to your skin and your wallet.

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