Holiday Gift Ideas for the Nail-Polish Expert on Your List


There’s always that one person on your list who is impossible to shop for. They either have everything or they don’t want anything. But if you have someone on your list who is obsessed with nail and beauty products, consider yourself lucky! If you’re looking for inspiration for holiday gifts, consider these options for the nail and beauty product lover on your list.

Butter London Heritage Collection

If your gift recipient a person of high-end tastes and eco-conscious spending, get them the ultimate Butter London Heritage Collection, which features six of the company’s all-time favourite shades that customers love. Butter London may be on the higher end of your budget, but it’s a worthy investment for toxin-free beauty. The Heritage Collection includes:

  • – Yummy Mummy: a medium beige that beautifully complements every skin colour
  • – Fruit Machine: a sweet, creamy pink carnation
  • – Tea with The Queen: a neutral pinkish-tan
  • – Molly Coddled: a delicate combination of lavender and orchid
  • – Trout Pout: a pale cantaloupe-pink
  • – Toff: a moody dusty rose with a hint of brown

Essie’s 2018 Winter Collection

This winter, Essie’s collection features six new shades of sheer perfection inspired by seasonal scenes:

  • – Polar-izing: a metallic baby bubble-gum pink
  • – Hear me Aurora: a wintery maroon and rosewood
  • – Glow with the Flow: a pearly, shimmery medium blue
  • – Just the Way You Arctic: a cold lilac
  • – Sights on Nightlights: the perfect dark plum
  • – Million Mile Hues: liquid shimmering gold

Nail Treatment Set by Deborah Lippmann

For nails too look their best, some TLC is needed. Even the most expensive nail polish can’t hide split cuticles and uneven nails. If you’re not sure what colours your recipient likes (or already has) give them the gift of healthy nail beds with a Cuticle Lab Nail Treatment Set by Deborah Lippman. This gift comes with all the essentials for overall nail care, including cuticle oil, cuticle remover, cuticle repair cream, and cuticle pushing tool. Your special someone will love that this product contains zero parabens, sulphates, and other harsh toxins.

Manicure Gift Certificate

Not sure what to get them? You can’t go wrong with a gift certificate to a nail salon! A gift certificate for a professional manicure is ideal for those who love getting pampered and having flawless studio-finish nails. Buy your Christmas and holiday gifts from The Nail Pro and give your recipient the added pleasure of choosing their own colour, style, and polish.

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