Inexpensive Topical Treatments for Younger-Looking Skin

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Walk into any pharmacy, health store or beauty boutique and you’ll find a million and one products to rejuvenate old and tired skin, smooth out wrinkles, brighten tone, and provide deep moisturization. There is no shortage of products on the market for someone who wants to take care of their skin. From the very cheap to the very expensive, each product promises youth and vitality. But unless you have acne or other skin condition, this is all you really need…

But First, Water

We realize that water (the kind you drink, not the kind you wash your face with) isn’t a topical treatment, but it’s so important to skincare that it needs to be mentioned. Water’s most important contribution to skincare is that it keeps us hydrated. Dehydration can significantly affect the look and feel of our skin. Not only that, but water helps to flush out impurities that could be contributing to tired looking skin.


Think of your skin as an own eco-system. It requires a delicate balance of moisturization and dryness to keep it healthy. When you see blackheads, pimples, or blotchiness, it’s a sign that your skin is trying to correct that balance. However, overcorrection usually occurs, which is what leads to patches of dry, rough, or oily skin. Ensuring your skin is properly moisturized with lotion will instantly make your face feel and look better. Talk to your doctor or dermatologist about what kind of moisturizer is right for your skin type.

A Serum Containing Vitamin E, Vitamin C, or Rosehip Oil

Our bodies go through many changes throughout the day. By bedtime, our skin has fought off pollution, worn a layer of non-breathable makeup, and dealt with sunlight exposure. Washing your face at the end of the day is crucial for younger-looking skin. After you apply your cleanser, it’s generally safe to add thicker cream and serum to your face, as your body will absorb it while you’re sleeping and keep your skin hydrated. Applying a serum directly to your skin on your forehead and around your eyes is like giving your skin a healthy boost of moisturization and vitamins. Look for serums that contain vitamins E and E or rosehip oil, as they are well known to offer endless benefits.

Toner, Micellar Water, or Glycolic Acid

It’s not a bad idea to apply a toner or similar product to your skin at the end of the day after washing your face and before applying moisturizer. These products restore your pH, remove dirt, and make your skincare regimen feel more complete. Every product will react differently, so it’s important to read the instructions carefully. You might have to try more than one product until you get the one that works well for your skin.

Facial Treatment

Lastly, the key to younger-looking skin is to treat yourself to a facial treatment every now and then. The Nail Pro offers specialized facial treatments that improve circulation, reduce stress and anxiety, and treat a variety of skin issues. You’ll leave your appointment feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Contact us today to book your appointment!