Nail Design Trends: Spring 2019 Edition

beautiful clean close up

Nails have always been a big deal for the women who love them. Last year, many women settled for neutral nail polish and length. This year, women are shaking things up by using their fingernails as accessories and expressing their unique personality through them. The growing popularity of beautiful nails will continue and there are several new nail design trends you will not want to miss out on. The good news is, some 2019 designs are going to add bling while others simply add beauty to your digits.

Bold and Beautiful

This spring, colourful nails are definitely going to be in style. Many women will opt for bold and beautiful colours. A sexy red will never go out of style and this is the year to flaunt it. In fact, all solid colours are sexy for the year ahead. It is mostly due to the fact that gel nail manicures are proving that colours can be spectacular no matter what shade they are. We feel that simple nails should never be considered outdated. Even the sophisticated and simple French manicure is getting a makeover and becoming more exciting with bold colours. You may even choose two colours for a whole new look. Abstracts, animal prints, and more are all very popular for women who want to show their wild side using beautiful nail art.

Glitter and Glam

Whether you are heading to the office or spending a night out on the town; glitter and glam will definitely add a little sparkle to your life. One of the biggest 2019 trends in nail art is adding sparkle. Your nails can have just a little sparkle or a lot of it. There may be large pieces of glitter, which will catch the light everywhere you go, or you can choose something subtler if you want to. Chrome is also a hit since it will add glimmer without you having chunks of glitter to deal with.

Barely-There Nail Polish

Many nail trends this year are more casual in style. This makes them ideal for women who work hard, but want to feel very feminine. Women are choosing to keep their nails bare, except for a splash of colour here and there. A ribbon of only clear polish surrounded by a beautiful pink or bare nails that have only a single nail design on the middle fingernail. It all goes to show that with your nails, anything is possible.

Accessorize Your Fingernails

Women have come to love the fact that they can adorn their fingers with jewels and designs. It will continue to be a popular 2019 trend throughout the entire year.  In some cases, the more extreme the better it will be, but you only have to be as extreme as you are comfortable with.

No matter what nail style you want on your fingers this spring, we can make it achievable. We invite you to schedule your manicure with The Nail Pro, today and look forward to helping your nails be as beautiful as you are.