Revitalize Your Nails with Bio Gel This Spring

bio gel nails


As plants and flowers come alive, it’s time to think about putting some life back into your nails for the upcoming seasons. If you’re looking for a manicure that caters to your natural nail while still looking stylish, bio gel is the manicure for you!


Bio gel is very versatile. It can be applied directly to your nail or gel extension and be tailored to suit your nail type for lengthening, sculpting, shaping, or enhancing your natural nail. It’s a one-step system that naturally promotes growth and strengthens nails and the nail bed while restoring them to their healthy state. Bio gel is compatible with other nail systems and adapts to fit your lifestyle.




The bio gel process uses a UV light to quickly dry the nails and adds a dose of vitamin for some hydration.


Once your nails have been prepped, a base coat is applied, followed by the base gel. The technician will then cure your nails for 30 seconds. The next layer is the clear gel builder, which is applied close to the cuticle, but not for it to touch the skin. It has the added benefit of improving your nail’s look and shape. After another 30-second curing, a final layer consisting of shellac or gel color is applied. With one more curing, the technician will add cuticle oil and complete the process. Say hello to stunning, healthy nails in only one hour!




Since it lasts for three weeks, the bio gel manicure is ideal for long trips and vacations. You’ll be able to use your nails for everyday activities without having to worry about breaking them because bio gel enhances their flexibility and durability. The best part is the gloss will last!


When it comes to a manicure like bio gel, it’s important to be sure that you won’t tire of your look one or two weeks after having your nails done. It’s possible, though, to have the manicure removed should you change your mind, but it’s best to see a professional for this process.


Where to Go


The Nail Pro specialists trust the Bio Sculpture Gel and OPI. Bio Sculpture Gel is the nail pioneering company behind bio gel nail products. With their 5-star rating, our customers get a manicure that stays chip-free for three weeks. OPI is the world leader in the professional nail care industry, so by using their gel colors as a finishing touch, you get a long-lasting luxurious look. The Nail Pro combines the best of both worlds.



Book your appointment today at The Nail Pro to try the benefits of hard gel enhancements from Bio Sculpture Gel and the Gel Color Collections from OPI. To learn more about our other luxury spa services, feel free to contact us. Our nail technicians would be happy to answer any of your questions.