Two Hacks for Living with Long Nails

long and pointy acrylic nails

People often ask, "How do you function with those long nails?" The truth is, with mindfulness and a few tools at your disposal, your nails will be a minor obstruction. Fortunate, too, when you get your nails freshly manicured at The Nail Pro.

Applying Lotion

One of the main issues with the long nail and lotion combination is the chance you might get some caught beneath them. Truly, a disaster waiting to happen! In reality, though, there are a couple of easy solutions to compensate for your beautiful, glossy nails.

Carefully aim the top of your acrylic or bio gel nail into a jar of lotion. Scoop up some of its contents, then spread the lotion on your face and neck, using the rest of your palm and finger pads to rub it in. Alternatively, hold up a blunt or curved object, like a makeup brush, with the end sticking up. Dip it into the jar. Spread the lotion on your face and neck, taking care to rub it in using the rest of your hand.

Gripping Small or Thin Objects

There will come a time when you need to pry open a can of pop or perhaps remove your debit card from your wallet. Sadly, these simple, everyday tasks may become cumbersome with long nails in the way. Fortunately for you, there are many ingenious hacks to get around these tiny issues. For pop, slide a pair of tweezers or a card beneath the tab of the can. Lift up just enough to create a gap that's large enough to slide your finger, bottom up, underneath. Now you're in a position to open it without chipping your lovely nails. To remove cards, change, or other thin objects from ATMs, your wallet, or a tabletop, use a pair of pliers, tweezers, or a card. Think you might look silly? Quell your worries; all that matters is maintaining your unique look, including your stylish bio gel nails.

You Can Still Live a Full Life With Long Nails

Whether you are fascinated by acrylic or natural nails with a bio gel overlay, there's no need to worry about the myth of devastating struggle that seems to darken their glossy finish. The length of your nails may cause you to discover clever ways to circumvent the difficulty of performing some daily tasks, such as removing your contact lenses; nonetheless, the pros of creating enchanting art out of your nails far outweigh the minor cons of taking care of them.

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