Why Your Nails Turn Yellow and How to Deal with It

Nails Turn Yellow

Everyone loves a perfectly manicured set of nails. It accentuates your fingers and gives you a clean, polished look. However, you might notice in between appointments that your nails are starting to take on an unnaturally yellow tinge. While there’s nothing immediately to panic about, it should not be ignored, as it could lead to problems down the road.

Why Do Our Fingernails Turn Yellow?

Our fingernails are made up of skin cells and keratin, which needs a healthy dose of oxygen to be healthy. Unfortunately, if you’re a polish addict and the mere sight of your naked nailbeds feels scandalous, then you might not be giving your fingernails enough time to absorb oxygen. If that sounds like you, simply giving yourself a break can help eliminate the yellow tint over time.

Some nail polishes, such as dark reds and pinks, contain a combination of colouring agents that tend to make your nails more yellow than others. So, if you notice that your nails are yellow after removing that seductive crimson colour, don’t panic! It should clear up on its own. The darker the red, the more likely your nails will absorb yellow pigment. An easy way to avoid yellow fingernails is to apply a base coat underneath the colour.

Can Yellow Nails be a Sign of Something More Sinister?

Even if you don’t normally wear nail polish, it’s possible that you’ve noticed your nails are starting to look a little on the jaundiced side. Non-nail polish causes of yellow nails and fingertips include psoriasis, fungal infection, or food or chemical stains. If you’re a smoker, you can go ahead and blame your cigarettes on your yellowing digits. If you think you might have a fungal infection, do not ignore it or try to cover it up with nail polish. Speak to a physician who might recommend a topical fungal cream or medication to help get rid of it.

Tips for Getting Rid of Yellow Fingernails

If you suspect that your yellow nails are caused by too much polish and not enough oxygen, there are plenty of at-home remedies available that can help you deal with the stain.

  1. Remove your nail polish completely, making sure to change your cotton swabs frequently. Give your nails some time to breathe!
  2. Soak your nails in a bowl freshly squeezed lemon juice for 10–15 mins and scrub with a soft nailbrush. Lemon essential oil works too.
  3. Soak your nails in a bowl of diluted 3% hydrogen peroxide for a couple of minutes then scrub with a nailbrush. If you don’t have a nail brush, a toothbrush with also do.
  4. Using clean cotton swabs, rub your nails with a baking soda–hydrogen peroxide solution every day for a few minutes until the yellow stain lifts completelyI
  5. Although It might be a bit expensive, whitening toothpaste can also remove the yellow stains. Simply scrub with a nailbrush and rinse.

No matter what at-home solution you use, make sure that your nails are always moisturized. Alternatively, you can always stop in at The Nail Pro in Ajax and ask one of our nail specialists for advice. Depending on your situation, we may recommend one of our nail products or suggest an at-home remedy.