8 Different Types of Manicures You Have to Try

For you, a manicure is your form of self-care. Yes, it requires extra time out of your day and costs more than a week's worth of your favourite Starbucks latte. But you don't care because, to you, your manicure is worth it.

With the New Year rolling around, though, you're considering switching up your look. That's why you're wondering about the different types of manicures you can get in 2019.

So, want to know our top 10 manicures of the year plus where to find the best manicurists in Ajax? Let's start off the list with a no brainer: the basic manicure. 

1. The Basic

Perfect for first-timers and purists alike, the basic manicure uses clear coat polish and colour of your choosing. Simple yet effective, it's also super easy to change if you want something new after a few days.

2. French Tips

French tips are a classic for a reason-- they go with absolutely everything. This timeless manicure style is a "your nails but better" look, with fresh white tips and a clear coating to polish everything off. 

3. Reverse French Tips

As its name suggests, the reverse French tip manicure features a pale or clear-coated tip of the nail with a white crescent painted near your cuticles. The reverse French tip is still a classy option, but with enough of a twist to spice things up for your funkier outfits or occasions.

4. The American

While French manicure-lovers prefer squared-off nails, the American is for those who like a rounded nail shape. This kind of manicure also uses different techniques, including air-brushing the paint onto your nail for a buffed finish.

5. The Brazilian

The Brazilian manicure is a grooming-centric one in which the cuticles are wholly removed. To ensure the whole nail is covered, your manicurist will apply the paint not only to the nail but also to the surrounding skin before later wiping it away.

6. Shellac

Shellac is a go-to for those who prefer polished nails, but don't want the hassle of dealing with upkeep. This type of manicure combines gel and regular polishes to create a durable yet simple look.

7. Acrylic

If you prefer the best in life, an acrylic manicure will give you perfect nails every time. An ideal option for those who want chip-free and long-lasting looks, the acrylic manicure uses faux nails to cover your existing ones. 

8. Gel

Another damage-proof manicure option, gel nails are low-maintenance and beautiful. Here's the cool thing about gel manicures: the special polish is cured under UV lighting for a chip-free, shiny finish.

Where to Get These 8 Different Types of Manicures

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